written by Halfblind Henry


Missing the Feel

So, how are you?
Haven’t heard from you in a long time
Me. I’m just getting on
Drifting between the ugly and the sublime
Oh yes, it’s true
I’d still give all I got for the perfect rhyme
But all hope has gone
It’ just my stubbornness working overtime

Hey, won’t you tell me what’s the matter?
Let me know why you are avoiding me
Is ist that your entire world’s been shattered
or is ist that you only see the silly boy in me?

So, how are you?
Have you found a place for you to hide?
Me, well, I get along
I still do a little living on the side
But yes, it’s true
I’m stuck here watching the rising tide
It all went wrong
but there’s still a couple of things I haven’t tried

Hey, won’t you come here to get better?
Let me know what has been haunting you
Is it, that you’ve been puzzled by my letter
or was it my confession that has been daunting you?

If I tried to call we could sit all day in some café
and watch the stray dogs bide and shiver
All my time I pledge to sitting on the ledge
but I’ll walk the edge to meet you half-way on the bridge
across the dividing river

Hey, won’t you try to be on my side?
We've been fighting ghosts on our own too long
Are you afraid of drowning in the high tide
or do you think that all we try can only turn out wrong?

I will miss you
just wanted you to know, that’s all


from Summer Sessions, released May 1, 2012
Rainer Fox - saxophones
Sara Rilling - viola
Georg van Lichtenberg - electric guitar
Joey Stevenson - bass
Christiane Günther - backing vocals
Halfblind Henry - vocal, acoustic guitar

Recorded by Jörg Reinke
ToneVision Studio, Berlin



all rights reserved


Halfblind Henry Berlin, Germany

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