Demolition Blues

from by Halfblind Henry



Demolition Blues

lyrics by Halfblind Henry

I got them blues in a bundle
and I can't untie the knot
Big Mama I've got to ramble
leave behind everything I got

It's into trouble I will stumble
any way I turn
Every road I walk will crumble
Every bridge I cross will burn

It's demolition time
the wreckers are standing at the door
It's demoliton time
Evrery time I look up, Mama, something's gone that was there before

Makes me wanna start a riot
each time I turn on the radio blues
drives me mad and I can’t deny it
when I get my fair share of the news

I got them blues in a bottle
and I'll drink till I had my fill
The old machine is gonna rattle
this ain't the time for keeping still

It's demolition time
Can you hear them knocking on the wall?
It's demolition time
That ain't the wind a-whisperin, Mama, that's the hissing of the wrecking ball

I got them blues in my pockets
they help me telling high from low
The drills ain't shaking in their sockets
That's something you might want to know

Call it fate or call it wonder
when there's one star left to wish upon
Whatever's drifting in from over yonder
there's no time to go back to where you started from

It's demolition time
looks like the golden days are through
It's demoliton time
Ain't no use in talking, Mama, everything is said and it's all true


from Fruits of Frohnau, released December 20, 2013
written by Halfblind Henry



all rights reserved


Halfblind Henry Berlin, Germany

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